Wednesday, October 29, 2008

getting closer....

It's official -- I'm a week away. A week away from food, fun, frivolity, festivity, and fabulous-ness.

But I have to get there first. Climb through the mounting lists of things to "get done". Stave off a cold until next week. Marshal the troops in countless directions and being content to let them do what I ask instead of thinking I need to keep my hands on everything.

There are three basic categories to the lists: Store, Website, and Personal. Pretty self-explanatory, but when you have to remind yourself to pick up dog food and toothpaste, things are still on overload.

Yet, in other news, things are certainly getting exciting.

Our monthly shipment of Romantic Homes magazines arrived in the store, though I won't put them out for purchase until the Soiree. Couldn't wait to peek into the box and flip to the back....

Our new ad! Hooray! Who is that darling crown bedecked child? Why, it's "little alice" as she's been christened by Heather and I. And now that she's been revealed...

In other exciting news, I couldn't resist photographing (not to mention wearing!) some our darling jewelry that will be making it's debut on both the website and the shop.

And in other Christmas yummy-ness, I am busy parceling out oodles of delicious ephemera perfect for packages and projects for you and yours.


1 comment:

Heather said...

OMG, I WANT that necklace on the left!!!

OK, the ad looks great!! I need to find that magazine to put in my portfolio. How exciting to see "little Alice" unveiled. Also, remember to send me cards!!