Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ringing in the Season...

There have already been flurries, but the weatherman is calling for a true dusting of snow by this weekend. It was seventy degrees for our Gala Evening of the Soiree, and while the shop glistened as one client put it "like a diamond" from down the street, the hard chill this week has awakened the hum in the air that is { Holiday }.

My apologies in taking so long in getting the images up, but after this whirlwind and sacrificing comfort for style with cute shoes, I just had to decompress and recover a bit.

I've done things a bit differently... and have posted in reverse so that as you scroll down, you'll peek at individual vignettes. Think of it like peeling an orange and popping out the juicy segments one by one. Please use the post list to the right if for some reason you cannot scroll through all of them.

If you see something in any of the photos that you are interested in, please email me at adair@tusco.net. E-commerce will not kick-off until the end of this week, but very few of the Shop goods are included with the cache of wares for Alice Adair so there will be little overlap.

After posting all the other photos, these are the only ones that remain -- the remnants of an incredible spread that was catered for the Gala Evening. Toni and Donna outdid themselves as always. ( Now if only I could have cajoled them into parting with that great concrete finial and base! ) Countless clients raved that our event is one of the highlights for their year, and that the menu never fails to delight them.

What We Served

Baked Brie with Honeyed Walnuts
Savory Pigs-in-a-Blanket
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
An Assortment of Artisan Breads and Spreads
Cheese and Fruit
Marscapone Fruit Dip
Sugared Pecans
Almond Finger Cookies
Swiss Cinnamon Crisps
Powder Sugared Shortbread Cookies
Pineapple-Lemon Punch


Next year, however.... I'm taking pictures of the tables before and not after.


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Anonymous said...

Seriously yummy! Everything looks beautiful in the pictures, I can only imagine how it must look in person. Great Job as always. ~susan