Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was reminded of a very fitting truth today while surfing Google for sentences that start with the words "Adair needs..." Heather had tagged me in a note on Facebook { more about Facebook at the end of this blog post -- stay tuned! } where you do a search for "your name needs" and share the results. Here are some that I found:
  • Adair needs no mic to karaoke. { Which is actually quite funny because I really don't. :) }
  • Adair needs shows!
  • Adair needs her pengi boshi. { Which was defined as a penguin cap, whatever that is. }
  • Adair needs the irony detector program.
  • Adair needs to be addressed.
  • Adair needs to consider certain points to plan her move.
Quite fun, isn't it? Browsing the pages of results had me laughing out loud and surprised just how many people and places are named Adair!

Which, if you're still following my strain of consciousness led me to the mention of "Daisy Adair", a feral stray dog rescued by an incredible organization, Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Randy Grim, the founder, was a man called to intervene and go after these abused and abandoned animals for the sole purpose of restoring them to health and seeing them placed in loving Forever Families. A video posted on their home page was set to the song "So Small" by Carrie Underwood, and it touched my heart. If you are local to this amazing organization and also a dog-lover, I would highly suggest you check them out as either a volunteer or a possible foster or adoptive home.

I'm the proud mama of two pound puppies { and how many of you are old enough to remember the pets and cartoon of the same name? :) } rescued from the county pound. The eleven year old American Eskimo male, who we affectionately refer to as The Old Man, has been declining ever since New Year and seems to be growing more frail daily. He's already had one stint in the animal hospital and some surgery, but there are signs that are going to warrant another big trip to the vet and possibly some hard decisions. The joy and happiness our pets bring to our lives are blessings, and boy is it hard to think of losing them.

The thing about dogs that really appeals to me is the endless amount of affection and devotion they have to offer. Regardless of how your day went, when you hit the door, they want nothing more than to greet you, love on you... and in the case of mine, curl up to the right and left of my chair as I tackle some paperwork or a chapter in my current book.

So yes, the reminder that love is all that matters after all hit home when all that seems to be talked about lately is chaos, crisis, and calamity.

And coming back full circle to Facebook, I'm going to suggest a little mutual affection and love. If you are a Facebook member and become a fan of Alice Adair's Facebook page, you will receive a voucher code for

in your Facebook e-mail. All you will have to do is search Facebook for Alice Adair and the link will appear. Just a reminder -- visiting a Facebook page does not make you a fan. There will be a link in the right hand column that you will need to click. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Not a member of Facebook? Don't fret. I'm not demanding that you join. Simply leave a comment here and you will also receive the code!

To love what you do and feel that it matters,
how could anything be more fun? ~ Katharine Graham

Thanks for making what I do so much fun... and for reading. You are appreciated more than you know.

Have a fabulous Friday!

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