Thursday, September 25, 2008

hearth and home giveaway...

So I had totally planned to blog about the state of my worktables downstairs today. To show you piles and boxes and bags of scrap and ephemera of all sorts. Until a certain someone (Heather) put the idea in my head about hosting a giveaway leading up to the launch.

Then fast-forward to me digging through all my piles and pockets searching for items for a custom collage. See me diverting from the task at hand and pulling things that make me think of Fall and hearth and home.

Then see me decide to put it all together in my very first giveaway!

What You'll Win

2 Sets of Vintage Sheet Music
(Sounds from the Ringing Rocks, The Road to Home Sweet Home)

A glassine envelope

2 1930's Bird Scrap Cutouts

4 black and white photographs
(two houses, one family, couple in the woods)

Large portrait photograph in it's original folder

A beautiful decorative page from an antique photo album
(The pale orange is simply delicious and the scrollwork is on both sides)

3 Postcards

Scrap with a young boy and a turkey

An amazing poem card with Chinese lanterns and chrysanthemums
(With the original gold lined envelope)

A 1909 Grade Card

Letter with Envelope
(The handwriting is so distinctive!)

An adorable colored illustration of two children feeding a squirrel

Each of the music sets have multiple pages and I'd added the silk leaves and berry sprig for photographic effect, but I'll be adding those in too. The lace panel I spread over my canvas-topped table -isn't- included. (So sorry to disappoint!)

Just looking over the pictures to make sure I've listed everything gave me lots of ideas of just what could be done with it all. Could you imagine having glass cut for your dining room table for Thanksgiving and serving your meal over a collage of leaves, photos, and momentos? So adorable and with nothing to launder when someone invariably spills gravy. My mind whirls at what so many of you artistic ladies could create with these supplies.

To be entered in the drawing for the giveaway, please post a comment with your favorite way to use ephemera in your daily life (decor, art inspiration, etc). The giveaway will be open for three days -- so that you have plenty of time to post.

I'll be spending the rest of the weekend sorting and situating the ephemera parcels that will be going on the website and wishing you all the best of luck! Check back Monday for the winner to be posted.


Lorrie said...

Wow, I've never been the first to comment on a giveaway! Or maybe comments are being held for approval.

Ephemera--I'm kind of new to it. And I don't like tons of clutter and busyness around the house but I do love personalizing it. I have some sweet cards that I'm planning to make into a banner to string in my sewing room/office. And I love sticking a pretty card into a mirror or on my kitchen windowsill.

What I do with music paper, cards, photos - I love making collages - usually with a theme. Then I hang them in my office or elsewhere in my house. I like being able to change things around and don't feel tied to keeping something up forever.


Heather said...

Me me me!! I love those bird scraps!!
I am going to share your give away on my blog even tho I don't want the competition. As you know I like to use ephemera in my artwork and journals.. I am needing a jump start to get back in the studio so this would be awesome!

Karin said...

Please count me in!!! I peeked at the web page.....looks fabulous! Love the colors and the feel! Can't wait to see the whole thing! Isn't HEather great! She's so talented and such a great designer. I'll mention the giveaway on my post tomorrow!!

KatCollects said...

Count me in : ) What a great giveaway, thank you. I love to use vintage sheet music and wallpapers for collages, cards, etc... I hope you have a great weekend.

Michaele said...

What a terrific selection! The ephemera and music look *just right* for a family themed banner for November- music, togetherness, gratitude... yep, I'm thinking Thanksgiving already!


just me....lynn said...

I love to use my old piano lesson books for ephrema in my scrapbooks and for canvases that i make for friends. I just love the look of vintage pieces with modern pieces.


TxScrapAddict said...

I use ephemera in scrapping, love to layer it on my pages. Love mini books and home decor too! Have a clock I covered with vintage music sheets.....

Miss Rhea said...

What a lovely Giveaway !! I would love to win !! :) I just found your pretty blog through creative chaos. :)

Happy Weekend !! :)

Recycled Rita said...

Hi! What a wonderful giveaway!
I use ephemera all the time...of course in my art for altering and collage but also to decorate around my house, on my inspiration board, in a picture holder, on a lampshade.... I also like to add it to a wrapped package and then tie lace around it instead of a bow!
This was fun! thanks! karen...

Vintage Tea said...

Some lovely pieces of emphemera there. I use a lot of sheet music in my crafts and like to use it as backgrounds for giftbags especially. You can see some I've made up over on my blog.

Victoria x

fromthepines said...


Got here from Creative Chaos and lots of great goodies! I love ephemera and I use it in artwork and have tons of old books that I like to look through and vintage items to have as decoration.

Looks good!


Raspberry Roses said...

I would be so honoured to be the winner of your giveaway to make some gorgeous collages. Linda

Natasha Burns said...

Wow what a wonderful giveaway! I like to use ephemera around the home in collages and also on handmade cards that I give.

LOL you cracked me up with your comment on my blog, yes for sure you can reference the TV addiction post. I totally agree with you, if it is on, it means work is being done. Tim Gunn really does help, it is after all, a creative show at least!!!

Cindy said...

Hey over here! Gorgeous ephemera! I would love to get my hands on this bunch. I am redecorating my craft room and I want to make a huge wall of Ephemera like wall paper! It will be fantastic if I ever get enough stuff to complete it :) I love your site!! (smoozing ya) Thanks Cindy

Jeanne said...

I love to use scraps of ephemera on envelopes when I send a card or note to someone. It just adds a little touch of vintagey-goodness!

sharon said...

I would love to be included. I so love collecting ephemera for my artwork. I use it for everything from journals to embellishing vintage windows.

Maija said...

I love to touch my ephemera- look at it, hold it in my hands and imagine.

Grace said...

What a fabulous first Givaway! I use Ephemera when giving flowers I tie old ribbon and tuck in some ephemra and also when I wrap gifts I love the vintage look it gives like you took the time to think about the person and gift. Usually no one wants to open it up! LOL! Hugs Grace

Kris said...

I use it as tags on my gifts, flowers, and of course in my mixed media collages that I LOVE to do (just started in the last few months). Recycling is the best!

Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Alice...I wish I had found your blog sooner so I could have entered your give away! I am new to ephemera but am totally obsessed with it. I am so glad that I have hung onto all the old wallpaper pieces that I have been hoarding for years. I am constantly looking for ways to use any kind of paper I can get my hands on.


Lauren said...

I just love ANY kind of ephemera! I especially like to use it when I make ATC's and journals. My all time favorite is sheet music but it's not always the easiest to find.