Tuesday, September 2, 2008

looking ahead...

A thousand and one apologies for getting lost in the scenery as this spring and summer has absolutely raced by. Between my brother's wedding, the shop, my cousin's first baby, and putting out household emergencies (like the plumbing letting go in our bathroom and dripping into the kitchen or the transmission in my car going belly-up), I've been absolutely swamped.

Not that I don't think I'm somehow alone in this little pickle. As women, we are dealt a fair chunk of responsibilities and often sign up for even more on top of those! I know we're all busy and I'm quickly learning the easiest way to keep it all under control is organization which is not at the top of my list as far as gifts and talents go. But I'm learning and getting better every day. Baby steps through the clutter. Baby steps into routine. So... the particulars of my lull aside, let's look forward to what is in the pipeline for this fall.

1) Artisan Originals: We are currently featuring the creative talents of some amazing women in the shop. Semi-precious jewelry by Jackie, African trade bead earrings by Robyn, custom and one-of-a-kind collages from A Vintage Design, and more goodies arriving in just the next couple of weeks. More jewelry! Adorable boxes with vintage papers! The most charming clocks you've ever seen! I'll post photos soon, but be sure to stop into the shop and finger all the delightful goodies in person.

2) Frames and pictures and mirrors -- oh my! There is nothing faster to give a wall a new punch of personality than a piece of art. Whether you go for the less is more and want ONE stunning piece to showcase or you (like me) would collage your entire wall in frames and images of all sizes -- there is quite a cache of goods in stock. Now if only I could contrive a way to get more wall space in the shop so I could put them all out. And as always, if there is something you are longing for, please let me know. I'll gladly keep my eyes peeled for whatever it is that tickles your fancy when I'm out to market.

3) Solid Rock Photos! Suzanne and Denny have put their studio in our building. Browse their galleries and trust me, I know you'll be blown away. They have such a fresh, journalistic approach to photography. They've even brought a few seniors out for shots on our upholstery and in the greenhouse! So adorable. I cannot tell you how much I wish they could've shot my senior photos. Then I'd have something cute instead of those huge styrofoam numbers. Yikes. Anyway, moving on from that flashback... could you imagine having a great family portrait done and then mounting it in an antique frame?

4) Holidays! Yes yes, I know few of you are counting down to Christmas yet or even culling through albums for the best "shop-mix" like I am... but it will soon be here. It will be arriving on 2nd Street with it's usual flourish and fanfare -- so be sure to mark your calendars for the first week of November. More details to follow, but let me tell you.... there will be goodies and delights GALORE, not to mention a very special, exclusive SECRET that will be unveiling in the next couple of weeks. If I whet your appetite too soon, you might be overcome with anticipation

I'll be rearranging the store this week and working with my sister-in-law to begin the process of transitioning away from the book work (can you see my mega-watt grin from here?!). But never fear, now that I have a new laptop, lots of inspiration, and some slivers of time -- more posts will be coming, I promise!

But first... baby steps through the filing.

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