Tuesday, September 9, 2008

home and hearth...

Ahhh, September in Ohio. Is there anything quite like it? Mmm, I don't think so but then again, I live here. Although my imagination tells me that autumn in Boston or Nova Scotia is nothing to sneeze at.

Speaking of sneezing, I should buy stock in Kleenex for all that I'm a-chooing. This time of year is always a killer on my allergies. Which means I need cardigans and pants with deep pockets to stock with tissues. Since they are all in storage, I will be swapping out my closet sooner rather than later. Yikes. Just thinking about all that needs to be done at home, not to mention the shop, makes me cringe.

The coming weeks are going to be full of new things though. Sorting through product, new upholstery for the showroom, a brand new baby in the family, that top SECRET project. Not to mention that we are now at the threshold of my favorite time of year. Even as a retailer (translation -- sleep, eat, breathe your shop), there is something magical and warm that dwells in the heart of dipping temperatures and shortening days. It's all about coming home. Making things snug for those we love. Dragging out the goodies and recipes we've packed away. The memory contained in the scent of a bonfire or the cadence of the high school marching band on a Friday night.

So I might cringe at the work and shiver with the cold if I don't get that pesky closet turned around... I love it. It feeds my soul and invigorates me. So while I can't wait for the crunch of scarlet leaves beneath boots or to make huge pots of my famous chili, I'll have a cup of hot chocolate and sit out on my porch to enjoy the final days of those glorious hanging baskets that made my summer dreams come true.

Here are some snaps I took of them tonight. Check out how huge the geraniums are in my wicker planter. I love my local greenhouse.

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Karin said...

Although I live in California, I grew up in the midwest and almost smell that chili cooking now! You described thre stroll into fall perfectly!